Are you interested in visiting the farm? Click here and let’s arrange a viewing.

Are you interested in visiting the farm?

Click here and let’s arrange a viewing.


The dislocated units of the Prekmurje Model Farm represent a diverse range of activities and traditions enriching the area’s agricultural landscape. Each unit makes its unique contribution to the overall farm experience while preserving the local heritage and promoting sustainable practices.

Dislocated unit Dobrovnik

The dislocated unit of the Prekmurje Model Farm is located in Dobrovnik, a municipality renowned for its economic and tourist development. Office space is available in this dislocated unit to provide additional support to the main farm. They act as a kind of incubator for local farmers, promoting innovation, sustainability and growth in the agricultural sector.

The Model Farm incubator focuses on innovation, sustainable practices and engagement with the local community. Farmers are provided with expert advice, technical support and access to the latest information and research in the field of agriculture. Thus, the introduction of new technologies, approaches and production methods that increase the productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of agricultural products are encouraged.

The aim of these offices is to provide farmers with easy access to information, advice and guidance. A representative of the farmers, called Falugazda, will also be available in these premises to provide farmers with expert assistance, advice and guidance in their agricultural endeavors.

This dislocated unit acts as a support point to the main farm, providing farmers with the necessary support to facilitate the management of their agricultural activities. The office space, acting as an incubator, provides farmers with access to important information on agriculture, application and submission procedures and expert advice.