Are you interested in visiting the farm? Click here and let’s arrange a viewing.

Are you interested in visiting the farm?

Click here and let’s arrange a viewing.


The dislocated units of the Prekmurje Model Farm represent a diverse range of activities and traditions enriching the area’s agricultural landscape. Each unit makes its unique contribution to the overall farm experience while preserving the local heritage and promoting sustainable practices.

Dislocated unit Dolgovaške Gorice

The dislocated unit of the Prekmurje Model Farm in Dolgovaške gorice is located in the municipality of Lendava and bears the name Vinotoč Rožman. The wine cellar includes a tasting room, rooms in the attic, and a neat cellar in the basement. In the past, the complex served as a wine cellar where visitors could enjoy local wines.

Vinotoč Rožman is designed with a strong emphasis on planting table grapes of the old variety. This table grape is not only for tasting but also for research, allowing visitors to make an easier decision before buying a vineyard. The farm is committed to the sustainable production of table grapes with minimal use of chemical protection, which underlines their commitment to a healthy environment and natural production.

The wine cellar is situated near the popular tourist spot Vinarium, which is considered to be one of the most visited attractions in the area.

In the future, the wine cellar will serve as a sales and promotion center, which will include a store with products from all the dislocated units of the Prekmurje Model Farm. Spaces in the cellar and vineyard plantation outside will also be available for organizing events, which will add to the unit’s appeal and functionality. This special destination is dedicated to lovers of table grapes and natural beauty, where visitors can find an oasis of relaxation among the vineyards.

The Rožman Winery is playing a vital role in the growth and recognition of the Prekmurje Model Farm. By promoting local products, it is helping to increase tourism in the region and offering visitors a wide range of experiences and activities that align with the farm’s natural and sustainable orientation.