Are you interested in visiting the farm? Click here and let’s arrange a viewing.

Are you interested in visiting the farm?

Click here and let’s arrange a viewing.


The dislocated units of the Prekmurje Model Farm represent a diverse range of activities and traditions enriching the area’s agricultural landscape. Each unit makes its unique contribution to the overall farm experience while preserving the local heritage and promoting sustainable practices.

Dislocated unit Domanjševci

The dislocated unit of the Prekmurje Model Farm is located in Domanjševci, as part of the living ethnographic house Domanjševska domačija (Domanjševci Homestead). This vibrant homestead is rich with a variety of visitor attractions, including its main event – the Festival of harvest, dancing and singing. This day-long event, which attracts many visitors every year, shows the harvest as they used to do it, including the operation of an old thresher.

The ethnographic house houses a working collection of old agricultural machinery, especially all the machinery for harvesting needs, which offers visitors an insight into the history of agriculture and its technological development milestones.

In the courtyard of the ethnographic house there is a field where wheat, rye and flint maize are sown every year. The addition of this ethnographic house as a dislocated unit of the Prekmurje Model Farm is extremely important, as it already has all the necessary bases to accommodate additional content. In fact, the farm purchased an agricultural-construction land adjacent to the ethnographic house, arranged an annex to establish a grain milling business and purchased a modern mill.

By purchasing a modern mill, the Prekmurje Model Farm wants to contribute to the preservation of the local culinary heritage and the promotion of sustainable practices in the production of healthy food. This added value brought by the purchase of the mill is a big step forward for the Prekmurje Model Farm, as the ethnographic house already has a traditional and recognizable event, which represents a solid basis for upgrading the activity.

With this connection and with various workshops, including the sale of the crop directly on site and on the main farm in Banuta, the Prekmurje Model Farm is becoming an even more attractive destination for visitors who appreciate the tradition, culture and authentic culinary experience of the region.