Are you interested in visiting the farm? Click here and let’s arrange a viewing.

Are you interested in visiting the farm?

Click here and let’s arrange a viewing.

OUR ANIMALSDiscover the life of Kisberi horses at the Model Farm Prekmurje

Did you know that the Kisberi horse, also known as the Kisber-Akhal Teke, originates from Hungary?
This special breed of horses is renowned for its elegance, endurance, and intelligence. The Kisberi horse is distinguished by its strong yet graceful build, with a high-set head and an intelligent gaze. They are most commonly chestnut in color, but can also be black or grey. Adult Kisberi horses reach a height of 150 to 170 centimetres at the withers.

Did you know that Kisberi horses are known for their calm yet lively temperament?
They are exceptionally intelligent and trainable, which makes them popular in various equestrian disciplines. Kisberi horses are recognized for their outstanding endurance, making them ideal for long-distance riding and endurance competitions. They are highly versatile and excel in various equestrian disciplines, including dressage, show jumping, and trail riding.

Did you know that Kisberi horses originate from the Kisbér region in Hungary?
They have a long history, dating back to the 19th century when they were initially bred for the royal stables and served as horses for the royal family and aristocracy. At our farm, Kisberi horses enjoy free movement in pastures, contributing to their well-being and health.

The Agricultural Model Farm Prekmurje is proud to breed Kisberi horses, representing a valuable genetic heritage and tradition. We look forward to sharing these unique and esteemed animals with our visitors.