Are you interested in visiting the farm? Click here and let’s arrange a viewing.

Are you interested in visiting the farm?

Click here and let’s arrange a viewing.

OUR ANIMALSDiscover the life of Krškopolje Pigs at the Prekmurje Model Farm

Did you know that the Krškopolje pig, also known as Krškopoljec, is the only autochthonous pig breed in Slovenia?
The Krškopolje pig originates from the Krška Valley, after which it is named. This breed is unique due to its historical and cultural value.

Did you know that we have two Krškopolje pigs named Lili and Pepa on our agricultural model farm Prekmurje?
Lili and Pepa are black with a white belt around their shoulders. They live in a spacious enclosure with two cozy houses and are outdoors all year round. Besides their curiosity, they play an important role in preserving biodiversity.

Did you know that the meat of Krškopolje pigs is of exceptional quality?
In addition to focusing on the welfare of the animals, the outstanding quality of the meat produced by the Krškopolje pigs should also be mentioned. Their meat is valued for its texture and taste.

Did you know that the Krškopolje pig is a valuable part of Slovenian cultural heritage?
The Krškopolje pig is not only important for maintaining biodiversity in livestock farming but also a precious component of Slovenian cultural heritage.

The Krškopolje pig is a special breed due to several characteristics: it has a curly tail that looks like a small spiral and adapts very well to different weather conditions, allowing it to live outdoors all year round. The Krškopolje pig is exceptionally robust and is excellent for organic farming.