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Are you interested in visiting the farm?

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BLOGMowing and Caring for Meadows

June 13, 2024

When we think of idyllic rural landscapes, we often imagine meadows tended by farmers, with cows, sheep, or other animals grazing peacefully. These meadows require proper care as they are vital for the ecosystem and biodiversity.

Mowing: The Skill of Proper Cutting

Mowing a meadow is a fundamental step in maintaining high-quality pasture for animals. Proper mowing ensures the meadow remains healthy and fertile. Timing is crucial: early mowing promotes grass growth, while late mowing allows plants to develop seed heads, essential for meadow regeneration.

The method of mowing is equally important. Using appropriate agricultural machinery, such as rotary mowers, can ensure an even cut, providing an optimal meadow surface. Care must be taken not to damage plant roots or the habitats of animals, such as bird nests or insect homes.

Maintaining Natural Balance

A meadow used for grazing serves not only as a food source but also as a habitat for various plants and animals. Therefore, maintaining the natural balance when caring for the meadow is crucial. Ecological mowing methods, such as manual mowing or animal grazing, involve less invasive approaches and allow the meadow to regenerate naturally.

At the Prekmurje Model Farm, we adopt a sustainable approach to managing meadows. Our meadow is divided into sections, allowing us to graze Grey Cattle in one part and horses in another. This rotational grazing method ensures that animals are only on one quarter of the meadow at a time. It also prevents soil damage from hooves and allows us to mow the remaining parts while the soil regenerates. Additionally, the horses and Grey Cattle fertilize the meadow with their manure.

The Impact of Mowing on Grazing

Mowing the meadow and grazing animals are closely linked activities that complement and enhance each other. Mowing makes fresh grass more accessible to animals and prevents the meadow from becoming overgrown. The presence of animals on the meadow promotes natural soil renewal and the growth of high-quality grass species.

At the Prekmurje Model Farm, we strive to maintain this natural balance. Careful management of our meadows is crucial, especially with herds of horses, Mangalica pigs, and Krškopolje pigs. This ensures the high quality of their pasture and maintains animal health. Our approach aims to positively contribute to the local ecosystem and community.


Proper mowing and meadow care are essential for maintaining healthy meadows, crucial for animal grazing and preserving biodiversity. Using ecological methods and sustainable approaches helps in the natural renewal of soil and plants while ensuring high-quality pasture. Responsible meadow management can positively impact the ecosystem and the local community.

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